Saturday, June 29, 2013

Social Media day 2013

Tomorrow will be the SM day! two letters with two different tags! It will be the Social Media day to be held at Shoe Mart (SM CDO). This is an internationally celebrated event, so don't you dare miss it!
Mark the date folks as we celebrate together the influence 
and impact of social media in connecting lives all over the world.

For more info, check it out here: CDObloggers on Social Media day

And oh, Spread the news and shout it out loud 
through using Hashtags #SMDay #SMDay2013 

Happy SM day! :)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sophie-natic: Sophie Paris Philippines Fashion and Beauty Soiree (A repost from my other blog)

It was the first time I heard the term. But was rather familiar to me though. And so with the dictionary’s help, Soiree pronounced as swah-rey, means an evening party or a social gathering of a common theme where people listen , watch and experience something to be featured about.
And so last May 25, 2013, I attended the Sophie Paris  Philippines Beauty and Fashion Soiree  at the Mallberry suites. There on the 10th floor, the lights, the music, the theme said it all- fashion, make-up, scents and bags flowed all through out.
I was indeed fortunate to be there. Considered to be my first event cover with the CDObloggers, I was excited and looking forward for the fun company.
When the party music pumped, the pretty ladies walked and ruled the floor featuring Sophie Paris’ products of beautiful bags. And the afternoon bloomed all the more as Ms. Ali Forbes, Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2012 1st runner up was there.
After the event, pictorials were the first to be done. Picture there, picture here, picture everywhere! After all that is what we Pinoys love, right? I am supposed to post the awesome goodies we got from Sophie Paris, but I have got to transfer the pictures from my phone. Still finding a  bluetooth connection, so soon, I’ll post it up!
Over-all, I had a BLAST of fun with fashion and beauty extravaganza!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Blogger-rific!: The CDOBloggers Experience

I think it has been almost 2 years now that I stopped blogging because of certain reasons (yeah, net connections & sustainance). I was already blog-rusted. My blogging knowledge, my feelings for it, and even my desire in blogging ran out of fuel and I was almost detached from the blogosphere. But I knew in my heart that I loved blogging, that I was blogger. I missed everything about it and everyday I hoped I could get back on my feet and re-live the blogger in me. And then one day, time itself was gracious and life was and is still good, it was very timely that I was able to attend the CDOBlogger's Basic blogging and social media promotion event last March 23rd  2013. The location was at the heart of city at Mbox Internet cafe, Pabayo-Cruz Taal street. 
Lo and behold! I attended the said event, and I knew I made the right choice! Every bit of information and teachings given by CDOBlogger President Mr. Vic Marion Go Madriaga and Vice President-Internal Venus Smileygal were so helpful. Sir Vic talked about blogging101, the basics to blogging. And that was indeed helpful not just to me but especially to those who were still starting to blog,  his talk truly laid the foundation. Ma'am Venus then boosted the learning by her elaboration of what is social media promotion, it's significance and the how-to-do-it steps. It was not just informative but essentially, it encouraged me to blog again. The passion was rekindled once more. This was the stepping stone of my blogger rebirth.
But there was more to it. Plus! there were Freebies! lots of 'em! ;) The smile on every participant's faces were just evident as we received each one! Thanks to all the supportive sponsors! ;) Sun Cellular, Missy Bonbon, CDO Mom, Res Toe Run, Dessert Strip, Bigby's, DermCare, and Pinoy Mommy Online
And I was so surprised when my name was called in the raffling of some selected give-aways! It really made my day when I got the DermCare P300 gift-check! ;) Yahooo! ;)

But there is more to more! Hoping I would win the Domain and Hosting so that my blog would have a domain home of its own for FREE! ;) or if my foot size (size 7) will fit (LOL), the Res|Toe|Run shoes (Bandal Footwear for Girls or Shulong Shoes for boys) would be cool if ever I win this blog-post contest! (So support me, like this blog post please!, thank you!)

We ended with the pictorials of the blogger stars. Showing off here our earned certificates! Congratulations to all the participants and Kudos to the CDOBloggers core team in organizing this one of a kind event! Awesome you all are! ;)

Excited to be part of the CDOBloggers family soon! ;)  

Friday, March 22, 2013

Transformed: Kudos Kagay-an!

Today marks the day. The day that Life's A Wheel is transformed into "Kudos Kagay-An." From a personal blog, it will now be a pro-CDO blog. Dedicated to anything and just about everything of Cagayan de Oro City. From the latest updates, trends and happenings of this city down to my day to day  life as a Kagay-anon. ;) Inside and out, small to big life events, here and there, this blog will promote, adhere, embrace and love ang Ciudad sa Buluwanong Panag-higala-ay: Cagayan de Oro City! ;)

New blog logo coming up! ;)

Monday, March 18, 2013

I won't give up

I have listened to this song like ahh.. can't count anymore! So LOVE this song!
And I just don't get bored playing it over and over again.
Jason Mraz, you're the man! ;)

Friday, March 1, 2013

My come back!

I am soooo BACK!!! :)

Excited to blog again!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 44: Final Trial

The Gavel has finally been put to a final knock.
With 20-3, 20 senator judges voted guilty as charged, 3 for acquittal.
As the Senate president made that long speech, with careful wisdom and talk, 
his stand made the 20th vote.

44 days. 3 articles of impeachment. 20-3.
The final curtain is now drawn.
Trial adjourned.

God bless the Philippines.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

WW & TT: A Thankful pose

Taking a watery pose here in Midway beach Resort.
I remembered, that during this time, I was invited by a friend in their group
meet-up and then this was also the time for to reflect on some matters that have been affecting me emotionally. I thanked God for this day that through the still soft breeze of the sea and the crystal clear waters and the marvelous sunset was somehow Therapeutic for me. I was healed and God just spoke into my be STILL and trust Him in situations sometimes,
we just don't understand. :)

God bless everyone! :)

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Yummy Sunday: Freshiest Buko!

The freshiest (if there is such a term, LOL!) buko I have ever sipped!
Fresh from the buko tree itself!

My thirst was directly cooled off! :)

Oh, and did you know? The Coconut water is the only natural liquid
that can be directly, I say directly be used as a nourishment Intravenously.
As in picture out a buko and have it hooked into your vein
for parental nutrition! Ain't that amaaaazing! :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

I Love Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop CS4 LogoImage via Wikipedia
I LOVE Photoshop. I have been lay-outing for a considerable time already. In lay-outing, I dwell more on the fonts and the designs. Truly, Photoshop is one great tool for this kind of work. With all honesty, No one taught me how to work on Photoshop, and indeed there's truth that one can learn through self-study when one will really, really be patient with it. It takes trial and error, figuring out buttons and short-cut keys, and just familiarizing oneself in it. Other than patience, one has to have a perception of art and designs, and to have the value of wanting to learn and hone one's skills in lay-outing. :) Indeed, it's not just editing pictures that Photoshop can help, like that of removing a pimple and enhancing a face to be smooth and wrinkle-free,
but the essentials of Photoshop also is in EXPRESSING one's self through making meaningful creations. :)
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Monday, March 19, 2012

Yummy Sunday, MYM, RT: All in one!

Yeah! This is a simple yet one of my favorite food to cook.
I love decorating the food as it is served to add some art and
I formed this in resemblance of a Sunflower. LOL!

What you think? :)

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

tadah!!! Cuteeee and Lovable!!!!

My ever CUTE and beautiful nieces!
[Sofia @ left, Lodelaine faith @ right]
whom I Loooooooveeeeeee!!! mwahhhhhhh!!!!!!!
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